Thursday, April 30, 2009

M7 update, 'this summer'

The Yamaha M7CL is getting a major update to Version 2.0, some  of the the new features :

Channel LibraryA new memory area for whole channel information
Matrix Send on Sends on FadersAccess 24 mix busses in Sends on Fader mode
Relative Level Channel LinkChannels can share parameter links with offsets between levels
Direct access to Sends on Fader from Mix Send knobsA more efficient use of User Defined Keys by activating the Mix Send knobs to move between Sends on Fader mixes
Post Fader insert for input/outputA new insert position
Post Fader direct outA new pick-off point for direct out
Monitor/Cue level control on Stereo/Mono fadersControl monitor level with fader

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