Sunday, April 26, 2009

best. frappe. ever.

After the best. hamburger. ever., I made a ChucksItsSummerAndItSoundsWickedGood CoffeeCoffee Frappe.

recipe :
-some coffee ice cream
-a cup of fresh brewed coffee
-some milk

put it in a blender, and viola : you have the
best. frappe. ever.

Note :

Some words used in the Boston area but not in many other American English dialects (or with different meanings) are:

  • bubbler (bublah) or water bubbler – 'drinking fountain'. This term is also used in Wisconsin (and Australia).
  • frappe (pronounced /fræp/ – 'a blend of ice cream, milk, and syrup' (In Boston milkshake refers to a concoction without ice cream, but merely with milk blended with flavored syrup by shaking.)
  • Hoodsie – A small cup of ice cream, the kind that comes with a flat wooden spoon (from HP Hood, the dairy that sells them.) Elsewhere occasionally known as adixie cup.
  • jimmies– 'chocolate sprinkles' ( I always thought these were named after my uncle)
  • milk shake – 'drink composed of milk, iced milk and flavored syrup, without ice cream
  • packie– 'liquor store' (from "package store")
  • rotary– 'traffic circle'
  • tonic– 'soft drink'; the term is retreating in favor of soda among younger speakers.[41] Elsewhere the phrase often has an alcoholic connotation.
  • wicked- 'very'

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