Monday, March 30, 2009

Drum Daze

We brought in PA and monitors for Columbus Percussions'  'Drum Daze' at the Vern Rife Center.
I was fortunate to mix five of the best drummers on the planet, playing some incredible sounding kits...

Tommy Aldridge - Black Oak Arkansas, 
Whitesnake (nobody puts on a rock show like Tommy...Yamaha Subkicks with Beta 52's double kicks = 80hz goodness )

Terry Bozzio - Frank Zappa / Missing Persons / Jeff Beck (what he does with just 4 toms is NOT possible...)

Ralph Peterson Jr. - Jazz Independent / Berklee (played the melody of a song that was unbelievable...)

Felix Pollard - Lionel Richie Tour (he has more feel than anyone I have ever heard)

Mike White - Touring / Session Guru (played the 'Three Legged Dog', has more talent in one 
hand than anyone...)