Monday, May 4, 2009

Chris Botti

We brought in PA ( 10 EV XLC per side ) and monitors to the Ohio Theater for jazz trumpeter Chris Botti with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Although it was loong, exhausting day, the actual show was very good. 

The orchestra shell was in, which put monitor world ( and me ) on stage, which meant I had a great seat to see and hear the band. And Chris Botti's band is incredible. I was closest to drummer Billy Kilson , who is a monster, and puts on a great show, as does guitarist Mark Whitfield, and the Grammy Award winning pianist Billy Childs.

This video is "Chris Botti and violinist Lucia Micarelli performing the moving "Emmanuel" in Botti's new PBS special CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON" , which they also performed at the Ohio Theater..

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